Want Want Crunchy Senbei Rice Crackers (155g)

  • Want Want Crunchy Senbei Rice Crackers (155g)


Want Want Crunchy Senbei Rice Crackers (155g)

Are you bored? Try our newest Want Want Big Boring Pie Rice Cracker! This big rice cracker is a hybrid between our classic Want Want Senbei, and Golden Rice Cracker! By combining the best of both world, you get to have the ultimate euphoric CRUNCH in your mouth! Made from premium Japonica rice, it is the perfect snack to go with all of your daily activities, from studying, working, bingeing shows, long-hour gaming, streaming, hanging out with friends, and all occasions! The addictive crunchiness and flavor from these biscuits will keep you coming back for more! There will never be a BORING moment with this pie!

  • Rice (46%), palm oil [antioxidant (tertiary butylhydroquinone/319)], sugar, corn starch, soy sauce (water, soybean, wheat), sweetener [sorbitol/420(3.037%)], potato starch, thickener (modified tapioca starch/1412), salt, flavor enhancer (monosodium glutamate/621), chilli powder, color (paprika oleoresin/160c), yeast powder.

    Contains soybean and wheat / May contain sesame.


Asia's #1

Brought to you by the top snack maker in all of Asia!


Highest Quality

Uses only carefully selected and sourced Japonica Rice.


Fits Any Occasion

The go-to snacks for working, studying, Netflix bingeing & video gaming.